Food Park History

The funky brick building we now call Asheville Food Park sat vacant with a COMING SOON sign bolted to its façade for nearly 12 years.

Flooding caused by hurricanes Frances and Ivan back in 2004, knocked the tar out of the place; and for nearly 12 years the building sat empty in a state of disrepair.

In 2015, Dean Pistor found himself presented with the opportunity to reinvent 219 Amboy Road, one of West Asheville’s most notorious gathering spots. He jumped at the chance.

In its 70 years of incarnations (some more dubious than others) the long-defunct social venue made for lots of memories with local folks. Old-timers recall nights spent dancing, listening to live music, and partying with friends.

Dean has reignited the flame of this well-worn neighborhood beacon. Asheville Food Park is once again a venue which captures the best of its spirited past, and invites you to enjoy all the good times you can muster with your closest 2 and 4 legged friends.